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“Be the Change” youth exchange

be the change


Be the Change is a youth exchange that took place from 30/09 to 8:10/2023 in Bečej and Belgrade. This project got together 56 young people, youth leaders and trainers from Serbia Ireland, Spain, Romania, Israel and Poland and was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Young participants (13 to 18 years old) had an opportunity to exchange their previous experiences of active participation in their local communities, as well acquired important intercultural educative experience through cooperative creative and engaged work.

During the exchange, the participants, through workshops focused on media literacy, new media and video production, were invited to collectively reflect on and seek creative solutions to the problems they face everyday in their local communities. Media literacy was chosen as the main focus, while the value they singled out in their collective video production realized during the project was the intercultural dimension of education.

How the participants experienced the Be The Change youth exchange

The results of this project were presented on the DFC celebration “Be The Change”  which was held on October the 6 in Belgrade. During this event, in which participated  more than 250 young people from Serbia, through video presentations, educative games, dance and music, they aimed to inform young people their teachers, youth leaders and parents on how to use Design for Change methodology to achieve positive change in their local communities. The event was organized in English and was led by students of the primary school “Zdravko Gložanski” from Bečej.

Be the Change razmena mladih u Srbiji 2023

We are presenting a glimpse of the beautiful atmosphere during the realization of this project and want to use this opportunity to thank our partners 

  • DFC Spain, Spain
  • Fondatia Romanian Angel Appeal, Romania
  • Public primary school Cogito, Poland
  • Ruach Tova, Israel
  • Youth Social Innovators, Ireland

The project was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme