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The Stories That Matter project aims to develop an innovative methodological approach to active citizenship among vulnerable young people through the exchange of best practices on Digital Storitelling (DST) and Design for Change (DFC) methodologies provided by Maks (in the case of DST) and Vega YC (in the case of DFC) are successfully used in their youth work in the past. This creative exchange will be innovative and experimental, which means that both methodologies will be carefully combined and applied in projects led by older primary and secondary school students.

Project activities are:

1. training, which will be held in Belgrade in the period from 23th to 30th of August, for 15 teachers from Serbia and 15 from Belgium,

2. application of methodology in school and

3. sharing good practice at a conference to be held in Brussels in October 2023.

What is Design for Change?

The Design for Change methodology was developed on the basis of the design thinking method and includes tools that are used in project teaching and reach an extremely high level of active participation of young people in their learning and social life. Through four phases: FEEL, IMAGINE, DO and SHARE, young people gain the opportunity to create new ideas in the process of solving a particular problem.

And what is “Digital Storytelling”?

“Digital Storytelling” uses digital tools to revive narratives. They combine sound, photographs, video clips or stop-motion techniques to tell a personal story, to explain a concept or to give an argumentative narrative.

The training will be held in Belgrade, and all travel, accommodation, food and training costs will be covered. Fifteen people from Serbia and 15 from Belgium will participate in the training. The training will be held entirely in English language and it is necessary to understand English, but the application of the methodology with children can be in Serbian or another language. The participants of the training are obliged to dedicate at least 15 hours of work, or 15 school hours, in their work with the child, using and developing a new methodology while working on the project. After the completion of the project at the school, three participants will present their results at a conference to be held next year in Brussels.

If you want to learn to combine this technique with the DFC methodology, to apply it in teaching and to cooperate with colleagues from Belgium, join us in the training for teachers and professors in August!

Applications are open until Friday, July 15, 2022. We are waiting for you!

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